Building Permit

  • Building permits are required before the construction of any fence on a property.
  • Building permits must be secured at City Hall, 100 East 9th Avenue, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.  Click on the link at the bottom of this page for the Building Permit Application.
  • Before construction, contact either Mike Stephens, Zoning Officer at 309-792-0571 or the Building Inspector: Tom Lupinski at 309-314-2404 to discuss your plans. 


  • You will need to locate the pins in the corners of your lot(s) to determine the location of your property lines.
  • Fences can be constructed on the property line, except for corner lots or reversed corner lots.  In that case, location must comply with the 25 foot setback rule on the front and side yards.
  • The construction of your fence cannot encroach upon any public street, property or easement.


  • Rear Yard: Fence cannot be higher than 6 feet above ground level.
  • Side Yard: Fence cannot be higher than 4 feet between building lines.
  • Front Yard: Fence cannot be higher than 42 inches.  It cannot also not obstruct the view of the adjacent property within 250 feet.


  • All fences must have the dressed side facing adjacent properties.
  • Front Yard: Fence must be open weave or gapped.


Click to see the complete fence ordinance


Colona Building Permit Application Colona Building Permit Application