Property Maintenance

Ordinances Related to Property Maintenance

Cluttered, Discarded or Abandoned Items

  • It is hereby declared a nuisance and unlawful to maintain premises cluttered with discarded or abandoned items of personal property or with tools or personal property used in a business or trade or to leave such objects haphazardly upon such premises.
Landscape Waste
  • It is hereby declared a nuisance  and unlawful to allow piles of brush and/or fallen or cut tree limbs to remain on the premises from which it was grown.
  • No piles of brush, tree limbs or grass clippings shall be allowed to be brought from a premises from which it was grown to another premises unless it is a landfill or compost site approved by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Deposits in Ditches

  • It shall be the responsibility of landowners to maintain ditches abutting such owner's property free from debris, trash and other nonindigenous objects which may constitute a health or safety hazard.

Duty to Investigate

  • For the purpose of discovering nuisances, it shall be the duty of the police, fire and building officers and inspectors to investigate, confirm and report an nuisances coming to their attention.
Overgrown Grass / Weeds
  • Habitual offending property owners with regards to overgrown grass and weeds, the City shall give notice only once in a calendar year to such offenders.  Read the full ordinance