Streets/Snow Removal

There are several ordinances that relate to Streets.

Obstructing Street Drains

  • It shall be unlawful for any person to cause, create or maintain any obstruction of any street or public way or to obstruct any drain in any public street or property.

Deposits on Streets

  • It shall be unlawful to deposit on any street any material which may be harmful to the surfacing thereof, or any waste material, or any glass or other articles which may do injury to any person, animal or property.

Snow Removal

  • It shall be unlawful to park on any street or avenue for a period of twelve (12) hours following the forecast of two (2) inches or more of snowfall to allow for snow removal.  It shall also be unlawful for the snow to be removed or pushed onto property other than the legal owner or renter of such property.

Burning Leaves and Rubbish

  • It shall be unlawful for any person to burn any leaves, paper, rubbish or other substances upon any of the public streets of the city.

Off Road Vehicles

  • It shall be unlawful to operate on any public street, road or highway within the city any all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile or motorcycle designed for off road use.


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