Plan Commission


Powers and Duties

  • Prepare, update and amend (as needed) a Comprehensive Plan for the city.
  • Make recommendations to the City Council for specific improvements in concert with the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Promote the realization of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Make recommendations concerning amendments, supplements, changes, or repeal of the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Receive from the Zoning Officer his recommendations related to the Plan or Zoning Ordinance and report their conclusions and recommendations to the City Council.
  • Cooperate with regional planning commissions and/or groups assure harmonious and integrated planning for the city.


  • Membership of the Plan Commission shall consist of six (6) members; seven (7) including the Mayor.
  • Members are appointed by the Mayor and subject to approval of the City Council.
  • Members must reside within the city limits.

Current Members

  • Chad Johnson (2019)
  • Melinda Urban (2019)
  • Roy Skinner (2020)
  • Henry Timbrook (2021)
  • Melinie Hergert
  • Ben McCoy
  • Cherri Powell

Meeting Schedule

  • The Plan Commission meets as needed.
  • Meeting notices are posted at City Hall, on the city website and in the Dispatch/Argus newspaper.


  • Anyone wishing to make a request of the Plan Commission must make their request in writing to the Plan Commission, submit it to the City Clerk and pay a $150 fee with their application.