Public Works

The Public Works Department oversees the operations of many other city departments.

  • The Director of Public Works. 
  • Reports directly to the Mayor and the City Council.
  • Contact Info: 309-792-0571 (City Hall) or 309-755-8747 (Henry County Dispatcher for after hours)

Building Department

  • Mission: Upkeep of all city-owned buildings and grounds
Building Inspections
  • Mission: The City Building Inspector inspects remodeling and new construction work being done that require a city building permit.
  • The Building Inspector is part-time and requires 48 hours notice for inspections.
  • Building Inspector

Park Department

  • Mission: Upkeep of all park areas and grounds

Colona's Scott Family Park

  • Mission: Provide recreational opportunities for Colona residents and the general public
  • Contact Info: 309-714-5514

Sewer Department

  • Mission: Upkeep of all lift stations, sewer mains and manholes

Street Department

  • Mission: Upkeep on all drainage, roads, snow plowing, tree trimming, etc.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Mission: Upkeep and operation of the sewer treatment plant, daily testing, sludge removal and reports to the IEPA

Water Department

  • Mission: Maintain all wells, water mains and distribution system, replacement of water meters, chemical treatment, water testing, reports to IEPA


  • Mission: Enforce City Zoning Ordinance.  Review any zoning request or related questions.

Public Works Committee

Meets the 1st Monday of the month.

Chair: Larry Swemline, Alderman 2nd Ward

  • Members: Tom Jones, Alderman 3rd Ward; Rick Goodrum, Alderman 4th Ward
  • Ryan Erichsen Public Works Director
  • CSFP Manager
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